Do you want the Best Dreadlocks Salon In Ghana & Beauty Parlour Services at your Doorstep?

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Now, you don't have to wait for the weekend to make time for your salon appointment. You can now experience beauty services at home and enjoy the flexibility of having the Salon right in the comfort of your home. Getting beauty services in Accra don't have to be exhausting now.
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#1 Best dreadlocks Salon

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We offer in home salon services only to our esteemed customers. 




Dreadlocks & Natural Hair Care

Nail Care

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Braiding & Cornrow

Finax Touch Dreadlocks Salon & Natural Hair care is my go-to premier beauty parlour service provider near me for quality dreadlocks styles for ladies with short hair.
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We offer top quality home salon services at affordable price suitable for everyone.

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Instant execution of orders and swift response by our customer support.

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Quick and easy booking of appointments for any of your preferred beauty services.

Award Winning

Top rated premier and Best Dreadlocks salon in Ghana, Natural hair salon and Home Service Salon provider in Accra Ghana.

Finax Touch Dreadlocks Salon & Natural Hair Care is a collective of amazing and talented people striving to provide in home salon services, best look & feel to our esteemed clients.

Let us enhance your natural beauty ! Our passionate and dedicated team are individuals backed by years of experience and continuing education . Rated as the #1 Best Dreadlocks Salon in Ghana we insist on  providing the very best solution for beauty parlour services at home.  

Now you can enjoy the benefits and flexibility of having your Dreadlocks & Beauty Services in the comfort of your home.

#1 Best dreadlocks salon near me

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Get Unique Dreadlocks Hairstyle from the Best Dreadlocks Salon in Ghana


Personalized home Services salon

Do you want to be pampered at home like royalty? Save yourself the stress of visiting a salon

Dreadlocks Salon, Natural Hair Care & Beauty Services right in the Comfort of your home !!!

In the midst of our hectic schedules, we don’t find a suitable time for the beauty services that we need.
Days pass and we don’t get the time to go to a Beauty Salon and avail the required beauty services.
Not visiting the salon for too long can leave you looking like a shadow of yourself and we definitely don’t want that to be us.
Even when we squeeze out time from our busy and hectic schedule to visit the Beauty Salon , then BOOM!! we are stuck in long hours of traffic , driving long distance only to arrive at the salon and still wait on a long queue for our turn.
I know we find it not funny and wish we had a magic wand to change everything.
What if there was a proven solution to allow you enjoy the benefits of in home salon services just at your finger tips. 
 #1. Upfront, Affordable Pricing: No Problem
#2. Time Saving: Yup!                         
#3.  Professional Locticians, Makeup Artists & Team: Certified !!!  
#4.  Quality Products & Hygiene Friendly: Always !
#5. Friendly , Prompt Service: Absolutely 

Contrary to what you might think there are Best Beauty Salons offering these quality services .

Trusted and Competent professionals with industry leading practices. They aren’t complicated, but they are hard to find.
Finaxtouch Dreadlocks Salon brings you at home salon services in Accra and its environs.
We have painstakingly taken the most effective strategies to eliminate the days of travelling long distance to visit your salon, waiting on long queues at the Beauty Parlor, missing out on your hair cut appointment and not getting a beauty transformation due to hectic work  schedules.

Finax Touch Home Salon provides you the most experienced and well trained professionals for beauty parlour services at your doorsteps.

We value our client’s time and money so we provide the best services in best budget.

#1 natural hair products

7-in-1 Essential Best Natural Products for Dreadlocks & Natural Hair Products Set - Combo Deal

Our top of the line Natural products for Dreadlocks and  Natural Hair Care treatment is a specially formulated solution to Protect, Prevent , Treat , Cleanse and Repair both the scalp and hair to reveal a smooth, clean and refreshed hair texture.
It is dependable and suitable for all Natural hair types & textures.
Get the Best Natural hair growth products online from our shop.

Reinvent Yourself

Do you want to visit Hair Salon or Best Dreadlocks Salon Near Me Today ?

Hey !! We are Finax Touch. We are determined to make you say Goodbye to the old & stressful days of travelling long distance to get to your favorite Salon.

Finax Touch Dreadlocks Salon is the one stop Solution to Save you Time and Money and still provide best professional beauty parlour services right in the comfort of your home.

 The question lingers , will it be yours ? 

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We are available for International Bookings to meet the needs of our esteemed Clients outside Accra Ghana.

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We are reliable and available to serve your needs most of the hours in the week. 

  • Monday – Saturday : 8:00AM – 8:00PM
  • Sunday: 10:00AM – 8:00PM

#1 Dreadlocks Salon

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FinaxTouch Dreadlocks & Natural Care Salon

FinaxTouch Dreadlocks Salon stands strong in Ghana as a premium salon service at home. FinaxTouch is recognized as one of the supreme quality service providers in less than 1 years of its inception. FinaxTouch is a high technology driven company that bridge the gap between professional beauty stylists and customers by providing customers with a technological strong platform to book beauty services at home and thus fulfill the needs at both ends.